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Quality Waveguide Components for over 40 years

Penn Engineering Components has the capability to design and build one of a kind Custom Waveguide Components. We also target, design, install, and test Full Waveguide Systems to customers' specifications. With our CNC capabilities, we have the capacity to do prototypes as well as production runs of machined parts and castings.

  • Online Waveguide Component Catalog : Our Standard Waveguide Components Include: Waveguide to Coax Adapters, E & H plane bends, Bulkhead flanges, Cross-guide directional couplers, Multi-hole directional couplers, Pressurizing sections, Shorting plates, Gain horns, Straight sections, Tees, Terminations, Transitions, Attenuators, and more...
  • Download our Print Catalog in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Waveguide Bending and Twisting : We have full waveguide bending and twisting capabilities including Custom Bends and Twists.
  • Bare Waveguide : We stock and sell a Large variety of OFHC Copper, 90-10 Bronze, 6061, 6063 & 1100 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Invar, Coin Silver, Thin-walls, 1/2 Heights, Double Ridge, Extruded Flange Stock, and more...
  • Waveguide Flanges : We stock and manufacture a wide variety of MIL-SPEC, E.I.A., European, and Custom waveguide flanges.
  • Cast Miter Bends : We have an ever increasing line of Cast Waveguide Miter Bends WR 22 through WR 284.
  • Flexible Waveguide : We carry a large selection of Twistable-Flexible and Flexible (non-twistable) Waveguide.
  • Flange Gaskets and Hardware : EMI, Silicone, Parker© Seals, Standard and Custom Hardware Kits.
  • About PENN ENGINEERING : About Our Company.