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Our Standard Waveguide Components
PENN ENGINEERING manufactures and electrically tests a certified line of Standard Waveguide Components for Military, Laboratory, and Commercial applications. We can customize standard waveguide components to suit your application. We also fabricate Custom Waveguide Assemblies.

Adapters - Tapered Waveguide to Waveguide
Adapters - Waveguide to Coax
Bends - Formed E and H Plane
Bends - Miter E and H Plane
Bulkhead Flanges
Cross-Guide Directional Couplers
Directional Couplers Multi-Hole
Pressurizing Sections
Pressure Inlets
Shorting Plates
Standard Gain Horns
Straight Sections
Tees - Waveguide
Terminations - Fixed, High Power
Terminations - Fixed, Low Power