Welcome to our cutting-edge manufacturing solutions hub, where precision meets innovation. Explore our versatile capabilities tailored for aerospace, medical, defense, and PCB manufacturing:

Waveguide Expertise: Elevate your projects with our meticulously crafted waveguide components and assemblies, including high-power passive components, ensuring unparalleled performance.

State-of-the-Art Machine Shop: Experience precision like never before with our full machine shop equipped with 4th axis machines capable of achieving an astounding tolerance of +/- .0002.

CNC Precision: Trust in our CNC saw capabilities, delivering accuracy with a tolerance of +/- .005, ensuring your projects are executed with meticulous precision.

Automated Precision: Our Automated Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) ensures meticulous accuracy with a tolerance of +/- .0005, coupled with a true position of +/- .002, guaranteeing flawless execution.

Electrical Testing: Ensure the integrity of your electrical components with our Vector Network Analyzer, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Specialized Services: From dip brazing per AWS C3.7 standards to chem-film treatments per Mil-C-5541 specifications, we offer a comprehensive suite of specialized services to meet your unique needs.

Surface Treatments: Elevate your projects with our range of surface treatments including silver, gold, and other options, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Custom Solutions: Let us bring your vision to life with our ability to accommodate any custom requirements your application may need, ensuring tailored solutions for your specific needs.