Custom Components

Penn Engineering will build Custom Waveguide Components to your drawings and specifications.

We have been qualified to manufacture Space Flight Components as well as Custom Waveguide Components for Defense and for the Test Lab.

We have been providing Quality Custom Waveguide Assemblies for over 35 years and can manufacture to MIL-SPECS, Commercial Specifications, and your Custom Specifications.

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Get A Custom Component

Penn Engineering Components has the capability to create custom components to customers’ specifications. With our CNC capabilities, we have the capacity to do prototypes as well as production runs of machined parts and castings.


Standard & custom waveguide components customized to suit your application on request. Used for military, laboratory, commercial space flight components as well as custom waveguide components for defense and for the test lab. Manufactured to MIL-SPECS, commercial specifications or your custom specifications.


Large selection of raw waveguide from WR3 to WR650 in most alloys including aluminum, OFHC (aka OFE or OF-DLP) copper, bronze, invar, stainless steel, coin silver, and more. Standard waveguide lengths are 12 ft. and we can cut waveguide to your dimensions on request. We also offer special sizes such as half-height, double-ridge, and heavy-walls and we can quote you on custom sizes of rectangular waveguide tubing. Flexible and twistable-flexible waveguide in brass and beryllium alloys. These come with or without rubber (vinyl, neoprene, etc.) jackets. We can supply flexible waveguide in uncut lengths or made to your specifications.


Waveguide flanges from WR3 to WR650 including UG, CMR, CPRF, CPRG, cover, choke, PDR, PBR, UDR, UBR, PAR, CBR, BRJ, UER, UAR, and special flanges. These are available in aluminum or brass as well as other alloys on request. We also design and manufacture custom flanges to customer specifications.


Alloys available include aluminum, bronze/brass, copper, silver or stainless


Standard waveguide lengths are 12 ft. and we can cut waveguide to your dimensions on request. For custom lengths, please enter a length in inches above.


Penn Engineering offers a series of standard 45 and 90 degree E plane and H plane formed bends for use in a waveguide system. Typical VSWR is 1.05:1 over the full frequency range. Brass/bronze bends are Silver plated per QQ-S-365D Class A, aluminum bends are chem-filmed per MIL-C-5541E, and both are finished with Penn Engineering’s polyurethane blue paint (unless otherwise specified). Custom bends offering various angles and configurations are also available upon request. For custom angles enter value above.


Available in molded silicone, black paint, neoprene (Molded), brush-on jacket, no jacket or vinyl.


Available in chem-film, gold (immersion), nickel, irridite, silver (immersion), or none.


Available in blue, grey, hammer tone silver, black, white or none.